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We see the figure of the child who stands before us with the arms held open, beckoning humanity to follow.
Dr. Maria Montessori, Education and Peace

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Meet Amy Ma

we are a breath away from 

the non-existent plain,

delivering all the births

to roam on this sacred terrain.


returning to love 

is the reason we are here,

remembering how to live

is a journey of walking humbly on this biosphere.


nurturing with play in nature

embracing ourselves to the highest truth,

working with the ancients, the elements and the spirits connects us to our deepest roots.


now we are all here

to reconnect with ourselves,

the essence and the fears,

may we be of service to you 

and bring back our memories of love and tears.


gratitude is the secret key to the universe

do you know?

to receive the abundance and all

we must trust the authenticity of our flow.


come and breathe, play, sing, dance with us,

you awakened one,

for this is the path of rebirth to

joy, peace, sovereignty, and the infinite love.



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